The Problems

Why Wizard101Central Isn't Enough


Central has a strict anti-datamining, anti-item-finder policy. All information must come from first-hand observations, sometimes leading to inaccurate and incomplete data.


Pages are left unfinished months or years after their respective update has released. This is a result of general inactivity and the first-hand observation requirement.


The UI on many entries make it difficult to find what you need.


Downtime has become more frequent in recent years. With frequent inactivity from the maintainers, this has become a regular problem.


There is untapped potential for new ideas that the maintainers of Central have not taken advantage of. Displaying an item’s revision history, trivia, or game models in-browser are just a few ideas for expanding on the Wiki.

Wizard404 has no ill-will towards Central Forums. We appreciate the help Wizard101 and Pirate101 Central has been to the community over the years. However, we feel there is a lot of room for improvement, and have listed the above examples as reasons for creating our own Wiki. In fact, we already have two former Central Wikimasters on our team.

Our Solution

What we are doing

We’re going to fix every problem previously listed. The issues with Central’s wiki aren’t rocket science. Most of them come from a stubborn attitude towards change, and a lack of passion from the higher-ups.

We aren’t ready to list all of our plans quite yet. You may be able to discern some of them from the problems listed before. However, our team has already created mockups for a few of our ideas. As we near the end of Wizard404's initial development, we will start posting updates on our progress right here. After all, a Wiki should be a community effort!

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